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Hans Bethe's publications span over 75 years and an incredible array of topics in physics, astrophysics, nuclear energy, arms control, and science policy. This page offers just a few starting points for those interested in learning about Professor Bethe and his profound influence as one of the great scientists of the twentieth century. Readers interested in learning more about quantum theory will readily find technical and popular references in libraries, bookstores, and online.

Web Pages

Nobel Prize biography, 1967
Includes the presentation speech and other resources

"Writing the Biography of a Living Scientist: Hans Bethe," 1995
Paper given by Silvan Schweber at the Pauling Symposium

Bruce Medalist page and bibliography, 2001
Awarded for lifetime contributions to astronomy


All videos are located in the Cornell University Library Digital Repository: eCommons@Cornell and were produced at Cornell University and are copyrighted by Internet-First University Press.

A Conversation with Emeriti Professors Hans Bethe and Robert Wilson

A Conversation with Emeriti Professors Hans Bethe and Victor Weisskopf

An Evening with Hans Bethe: The German Atomic Bomb Project

Frank Rhodes, President of the American Philosophical Society, Presents the Benjamin Franklin Medal

Hans Bethe and David Mermin Discuss the Early History of Solid State Physics

Hans Bethe Discusses the Manhattan Project, with Introduction by Carl Sagan

"I Can Do That!" Hans Bethe's First 60 Years at Cornell

Hans Bethe: Celebrating "An Exemplary Life" (Once in eCommons, click the Title button to display the videos in this collection).


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