Professor Bethe delivered the three lectures on quantum theory in 1999 to his neighbors at the Kendal of Ithaca retirement community. This web site was produced at Cornell University in 2004 as a collaboration between the individuals listed below.


The footage was taped by Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) Distributed Learning Services. Michael Allmendinger was producer/director; Edward Hershey of Cornell Communication and Marketing Services, executive producer; and Dale Corson, technical advisor.


This site was originally produced by Cornell University's Distributed Learning Services. Project coordination was provided by Mike Tolomeo and Diane Kubarek. Jeff Katris designed and created the site (with the Web Production Group), and as a Cornell physics graduate who greatly admires Professor Bethe, led content development. Jamie Kalousdian prepared the videos for web distribution.

The current site is maintained by the Cornell University Library Information Technology Department. The original Quicktime Videos have been replaced by Streaming Videos to allow access over a variety of platforms.

Content Review

Cornell President Emeritus Dale R. Corson graciously served as personal representative of Professor Bethe during the creation of this web site -- especially with respect to content review. Dr. Dan Boye, Chair, Physics Department, Davidson College, provided an additional content review of the presentation.


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